Hand and Spring Clamps


When you need instant, easy application and removal, turn to the proven durability of classic Pony spring clamps. Throughout the clamp’s range of opening, the point of pressure always remains at the lightweight, zinc-plated steel jaw tips to ensure they’ll hold it together exactly where you need them. Available poly-vinyl protected handles and jaw tips mean you can use them on metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and beyond. And their contoured handles won’t dig into your hands.

Product Number Protected Handle and Tips Max Opening Reach
3201 Without 1 in. 1 1/4 in.
3201-HT With 1 in. 1 1/4 in.
3202 Without 2 in. 2 in.
3202-HT With 2 in. 2 in.
3203 Without 3 in. 3 in.
3203-HT With 3 in. 3 in.
3204-HT With 4 in. 4 in.


Control exactly how much pressure you apply to your projects with the Pony adjust-a-clamp spring clamp. With the turn of a screwdriver, you can change the pressure between one and 50 pounds of clamping force for precise control in light-duty applications. Lightweight plastic jaws deliver comfortable yet durable use, and the soft, pivoting jaw pads easily hold irregular-shaped objects and protect workpieces.

Product Number Opening Reach
3251 1 in. 1 1/4 in.
3252 2 in. 2 1/8 in.


Pony hand clamps feature an innovative box-joint design that prevents twisting and keeps the jaws square and straight. Our patented adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust clamping pressure to your desired needs without any additional tools. The soft, pivoting jaw pads are ideal for holding delicate work and are riveted to the jaws to ensure they never come off. Soft handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

Product Number Max Opening
32150 1 1/2 in.
32225 2 in.
32400 4 in.

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