B2BBulk.com Celebrates FIVE Years!

B2BBulk.com Celebrates Five Years
April 1, 2022


It is hard to believe that five years have already gone by. There was some good and, we all know there was some bad. It was on 4/1/2017, we launched The Nothing But Company and focused our energies on just selling staples. Which lead to the name to include "Nothing But".

As our customer's needs changed, we changed and wanted to adapt to be more than just their staples source. And with that change and adding thousands of products, we rebranded as B2BBulk.com.

It only took five years to start a blog. So this inaugural one will be focused on a simple thank you to all of our customers. You know who you are and I will maintain privacy for all those that are our customers.

My business is selling you product you need at the best price possible. I am not in the business of selling your personal information.

As time goes on, these "From The Warehouse" messages will hopefully highlight new products, supply chain updates, what to look for in a supplier, and maybe just some random stuff to get us through the day.

Thanks for reading!




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