The Nothing But Company was founded on the fundamental business principles  taught to me by members of my family from preceding generation. Having worked for my grandfathers small businesses, there were two key factors in maintaining a successful small business. One, attentive and dedicated customer service. The second is offering those customers products at a reasonable, competitive price. Managing those two functions will create loyalty and longevity.

After 25 years of practicing as a CPA in varying capacities, I returned to my retail roots. As many local businesses have been forced to shut down due to technology and e-Commerce, our family business ventured into the e-Commerce arena and began to sell on Amazon. Many things were learned from selling on Amazon. Sure it is convenient, but if a customer were to take a couple of more minutes to shop online, they could save some money by buying direct from the business that is selling on Amazon. The Nothing But Company is one of these businesses.

Although our current offerings are limited in scope to Arrow branded Staples and Staple Guns, our plan is to further increase our product and brand offerings.

All we can ask is that you give us a chance and let us prove how those two business fundamentals still work in today's environment. Think of us a the Mom and Pop store that just happens to be online.