It's Acceptable To Look Elsewhere

It's Acceptable To Look Elsewhere
April 8, 2022

When I say it is acceptable to look elsewhere, I am strictly referring to your vendors, suppliers, and the places you buy your products and materials. This could be for your business or, maybe, even yourself if you use alot of something. But there are some situations and circumstances where it is not so acceptable to look elsewhere

The primary reason is because sometimes a business gets too comfortable with a supplier and that comfortability might be causing you to pay more than you should be paying. I would expect the same thing from my customers to check around on occasion. We all need to try and save if we can. However, before they make that purchase with another, I would hope they would let me know what they found and let me make something happen.

I can never be 100% sure that B2BBulk is reflecting the lowest price on the internet and that is because the internet moves very quickly and prices change regularly. As a small business, it's challenging to stay on top of all that movement. But one thing we can do faster than most is make a decision. We pride ourselves on being nimble, customer centric, and doing all we can to earn your business. And that means if I can match or beat the price out there, I will. 

We are responsible to two groups: (1) our business and employees and (2) our customers. We don't have to meet anyone else's expectations but the expectations of these two groups.

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